Installing a Geothermal Heat Pump System in Palm Beach County, FL: What You Need to Know

Installing a geothermal heat pump (GHP) system is not a task that can be done by just anyone. It requires technical knowledge and specialized equipment, so it is important to find a qualified installer. Your local utility, the International Association of Thermoelectric Heat Pumps, or the Geothermal Exchange Organization can provide you with a list of certified and experienced installers in your area. Make sure to ask for references from system owners that are several years old and verify them.

The cost of purchasing and installing a residential GHP system may be higher than other heating and cooling systems, but when properly installed and dimensioned, GHPs provide more energy per unit consumed than conventional systems. Installing a geothermal air conditioning system inside your home is similar to any other type of central heating or air conditioning installation. It is essential to plan the system carefully to ensure that the product and related parts are the right size and design for your West Palm Beach home. A free quote for your specific home is essential to providing the best energy efficiency boost.

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